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Diplomatic Corps Urban Area

Entering Diplomatic Corps Urban Area - entering a new and open world, there is a perfect combination of life, work, shopping and entertainment in an ideal location. High-end apartment area in Diplomatic Corps urban area consists of 23 low and high-rise apartment buildings harmoniously distributed, including 4 zones N01, N02, N03, N04 with various segments and various types of facilities Outstanding benefits will give residents a comfortable and perfect life.

Diplomatic Corps Urban

Diplomatic Corps Urban


Diplomatic Corps urban is located in the West of West Lake, in Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi - A convenient traffic location and a political and economic development axis of Hanoi. From the location of the apartment, residents can easily connect to the city center and Noi Bai airport through the axis of Pham Van Dong - Nhat Tan Bridge quickly and conveniently.

Location of Diplomatic Corps Urban

Location of Diplomatic Corps Urban

Besides, Diplomatic Corps urban has a great advantage of owning existing facilities such as international universities, hospitals, parks and amusement parks. In addition, in order to ensure security for international organizations, Diplomatic Corps urban is also specially concerned by the government with the security of the whole area in general, and non-governmental embassies in particular. With a lot of facilities around, Diplomatic Corps urban has fully gathered the essentials needed to create a high-class urban area.

Regional links from the project:
  • Next to Ciputra New Urban Area - Nam Thang Long Urban Area, Green Star City Urban Area, Co Nhue New Urban Area and embassy area of ​​other countries ....
  • Located close to Hoa Binh park, Huu Nghi park, Vuon Dao villa area, convenient traffic and economic development axes.
  • Located close to the system of major universities: People's Police Academy, Financial Academy, Hanoi Pedagogical University, Academy of Journalism and Propaganda.
  • Near hospital: 19-8 Ministry of Public Security hospital, hospital E.
  • Supermarket shopping: Metro supermarket, BigC supermarket, Fivinark supermarket and large shopping centers around urban areas.


Diplomatic Corps apartment project consists of 4 zones N01, N02, N03, N04 which is designed with very low construction density for only 30-33%, the rest are public works. Buildings are arranged according to the space principle, ensuring that they do not obstruct the view of the buildings, in order to reduce energy consumption, so natural light and ventilation are maximized.
The whole Diplomatic Corps apartment building consists of 23 buildings with the height from 21 to 45 floors. Inside:
  • Zone N01 consists of 8 apartment buildings from T1 - T8.
  • Zone N02 consists of 3 buildings from T1 - T3 with a height of 22 - 25 floors.
  • Zone N03 consists of 8 buildings from T1 - T8 currently in the court height from 21 to 31 floors.
  • Zone N04A consists of two 23-storey apartment buildings.
  • Zone N04B consists of two buildings T1 and T2 with a height of 28 floors.
Masterplan of Diplomatic Corps urban

Masterplan of Diplomatic Corps urban


  • Modern pool area.
  • The school system around is dense.
  • The green park around the vast project creates a feeling of freshness and relaxation for residents.
  • Supermarket - Commercial center: including a whole supermarket area - Shopping center for residents in shopping and entertainment.
  • Children's play area indoor and outdoor.
  • Restaurant - cafe.
  • Drugstore.
  • Community facilities: gym - spa room, walkway, sports ground, football, tennis for maximum residential needs.

Facilites of Diplomatic Corps Urban

Facilites of Diplomatic Corps Urban


Diplomatic Corps apartment is located right next to a lot of big projects: Starlake West Lake Urban Area, Huu Nghi Park, Hoa Binh Park, around the apartment with many green parks, trade centers. Trade, schools, hospitals, bus stations are very convenient for living and travel of all residents throughout the project.

List of apartments for rent

List of apartments for sale


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